WIFI Heavy Duty Color Night Vision Backup Camera! Prevent Backup Accidents!

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This Heavy Duty Commercial Backup Camera will connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet in seconds, which will allow to you to see what is behind you in color HD Video, even in low light situations!


  • WIFI Heavy Duty IP67 Waterproof Camera
  • Eliminate Backup Accidents
  • See what is behind you at all times
  • Easy Install, installs in minutes
  • Wireless Range up to 120'
  • 28 IR lights for great NIGHT Vision

This includes a IP67 completely weatherproof CCD camera with 28 infrared lights and a WiFi transmitter which connects to power in the back of the vehicle. The wireless range is up to 120' from Camera to your device! Even in pitch black conditions, you will be able to easily see any object within 20-25 feet from the camera.

To view the camera on your smartphone, simply download the free iRearCam App from the App Store or Google Play Store and the camera and smartphone will be able to connect via a WiFi connection in seconds. 

Also, on the LCD screen of your device, there is a grid that will help you backup and avoid objects.

To power/install the camera, simply install this on the back of your vehicle using the included bracket and tap the power into a 12v power source. When the camera has power, then you just have to connect your smart phone to the WIFI signal that the camera is emitting! Then just open up the IREARCAM app and you will be able to view what is on the camera.

If you want to make this camera portable, it can be installed in seconds.  Just add the rechargeable battery with a  magnet mount and attach the camera to a magnet mount and you will be able to install this in seconds and move this from vehicle to vehicle in seconds as well!  Makes this system 100% Portable.  Rechargeable Battery Pak supplies power to the Wireless Camera for 8-10 hours; recharge overnite.



  • 12v Power Cable
  • Instructional Manual
  • APP is Available FREE at Android/iOS: IREARCAM


  • Heavy Duty Magnet Mount (will need one for camera & battery), HERE
  • 10hr Weatherproof Rechargeable Battery with Bracket, HERE

Type: Backup Cams

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