TD 1080P QUAD CAM DASH CAM SYSTEM! Record from 4 Viewpoints! Now with Optional GPS & Extented Memory!

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Protect Your Livelihood from Fraudulent Claims!

4 Camera 1080P Dash Camera, record from 4 viewpoints at the same time! Perfect Setup for any Truck Driver/Fleet for less than $250.00 per vehicle! 

Record 180 DEGREE of everything in front of you plus you can install a waterproof camera on each mirror, facing backwards, to record everything behind you on each side, which gives you almost 360 Degrees of coverage!


The Top Dawg 1080P QUAD Cam DVR Dash Cam System is our unique Four (4­) camera dash cam for recording Four (4) different viewpoints at the same time.  The 2 main unit cameras attach easily to each side of the windshield and can be pointed forward for 180 degree recording.  The two additional  cameras that are also provided can be mounted either inside or outside of the vehicle to record two additional viewpoints at the same time.

The Top Dawg 1080P Dual Cam Dash Cam’s additional cameras come with a full 30 foot cable each which gives you the flexibility and freedom to install these cameras in almost any location.  Installed inside the vehicle, a camera can record the interior of the vehicle such as the driver or the passengers.  Easily mounted outside, these cameras are weatherproof and waterproof and can be used to monitor blind spots, your trailer and much more.

The Top Dawg 1080P CAM Cam Dash Cam System records on an (Included 16GB) SD Card.  Loop recording allows the SD card to continually record, hour after hour.  The camera records in “loops” or video files of 2,3 or 5 minutes in length which can be selected in the menu.  These files are recorded and saved consecutively to the Included SD card.  When the camera has filled the SD card with these “files”, it then begins to overwrite the files from the beginning and then saves the most current recorded file.  The larger the SD Card, the more files that will be accumulated before the camera begins to overwrite.  Playback later on your PC, laptop or TV using the AV cable or USB 2.0 cable.  Save only the files you want to keep!

Can add OPTIONAL GPS; Must be purchased separately. For more information on GPS Antenna Add-On, Click HERE. With optional GPS, you can:

  • Track Speed of Vehicle
  • Track Longitude and Latitude of Vehicle
  • When using GPS Viewing software, you will be able to see where vehicle was located on google maps in addition to viewing the HD Video
  • Prove the speed you were traveling to protect against fraudulent claims



    • The TD 1080P Quad Dash Cam is a vehicle Black Box.  Records all the driver sees and hears
    • Protects you against Fraudulent Claims with Time and Date stamped HD Video
    • 1080P HD Camera with 130° Viewing Angle Main Cameras, records 2 viewpoints at once
    • The 2 - 2nd Cameras have a 120 degree wide angle HD camera with 30’ cable each, recording 2 additional viewpoints at once for a total of 4 recorded viewpoints.
    • 3rd & 4th cameras can be mounted anywhere and are waterproof!
    • Includes 2 - 16 GB SD Cards (Upgraded model can use up to a 256 GB SD Card)
    • G-Sensor – will protect, save and lock video file if g-sensor detects accident or collision
    • SOS Button – will allow you to manually save, lock and protect any video with a touch of a button
    • Night assistance LED’s for night recording
    • 2 - 2.7 TFT LCD Screen
    • Anti-theft option with motion sensor
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Rechargeable lithium Ion battery
    • Ready to use right out of the box
    • OPTIONAL GPS; must be purchased separately.

      Sample Driving Video of Main 1080P Cam - Day & Night

      This dash cam acts as your vehicle black box, records all you see and hear with a time and date stamped video file that will help you prevent fraudulent claims and erroneous traffic tickets. We all know that this technology has been used by police officers for years to protect them, why shouldn’t you use that same technology? Now, if your insurance companies or any Judge wants evidence of a traffic ticket or accident, you will have a time and date stamped video that will assist you! 

      This system uses our NEW 3rd Generation Model, Now Shipping:

      1. New Novetek 96658 Chipset for Improved Resolution.
      2. New Lens Chipset for Main Camera now uses Sony 323 for Clearer Picture/Recording.
      3. OPTIONAL GPS; Must be Purchased Separately.  For more information Click HERE.
      • Video Main Cameras: H.264 Compression MOV Format, 1920 x 1080 @ 25 fps/1280 x 720 @ 30fps
      • Video Second Cameras: H.264 Compression MOV Format, 720 by 480 @ 30 fps
      • 2nd Cameras: 30 ft cable and metal brackets included
      • Viewing Angle: 130 degree main cams, 120 degree 2nd cams
      • Photo: 2.0 Mega-pixel, JPEG
      • Display: 2.7 inch TFT Color LCD
      • SD Card: up to 32 GB micro SD Card (includes 16 GB micro SD Card for each main camera)
      • Length of Recording Time on 16 GB Card: 240 Min (at 1280 by 720)
      • Sensor: NT99141
      • Interface: USB. 2.0, AV-in, HDMI Out
      • Internal Microphone: included
      • G-Sensor: Included
      • SOS Button: Included
      • Operation System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista or above
      • Rechargeable 210 mAh Li-Polymer Battery
      • Cycled Recording
      • Motion Detection: Select On or Off
      • Power: DC5V
      • Nominal charging time: Max 2 hours
      • Battery Use Time: Up to 30 Minutes
      • Part Number: TDCAMDUAL4
        • 2 - Top Dawg 1080P Dual DVR Dash Cameras 3rd Gen
        • 2 - Waterproof 2nd cameras with bracket and 30 foot cable each
        • 2 - USB charging/data Line
        • 2- DC mobile charger
        • 2- 16 GB micro SD Card
        • 2- HDMI Cable
        • 2- Heavy duty windshield mount
        • User guide
        • 12 month manufacturer’s defect warranty


        Type: Dash Cams

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