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    Fleet-Electronics is the commercial Division for Top Dawg Electronics and is dedicated to providing the finest electronic solutions to the needs of the fleet and trucking industry with high quality reliable products at an affordable cost. Since 2008, we have been manufacturing and distributing products that respond to the requirements of this segment of our business with DVR Dash Cams, Back-Up Sensor Systems and Cameras, Bluetooth Headsets and more. Indeed, as Top Dawg Electronics, we were one of the very first companies to market DVR Dash Cams to the Trucking Industry.

    Our product selection continues to expand as the needs of our Fleet and Trucking clients continues to evolve. We continue to offer new and more advanced models in all our product lines to create more advanced technology solutions for our clients.

    What seldom changes however is our clients need to purchase these type products at a fair price for a high quality product from a trustworthy source.   Fleet-Electronics is your professional source, with the experience and our team of dedicated people combined with our great customer service and integrity that can earn your trust. Fleet-Electronics can provide you the products that solve your needs at a price that makes it affordable to equip your fleet whether a single vehicle or 1,000.

    Fleet-Electronics is located in Pflugerville, Texas and share offices with Top Dawg Electronics. Together we have the facilities and infrastructure that allows us to dedicate the Fleet-Electronics division to servicing the unique needs of this segment of our growing business.

    Thanks for your interest in Fleet-Electronics. Please contact us with your questions.

    13630 Immanuel Rd, Ste E
    Pflugerville, TX 78660
    Phone: 512.251.8472