OBDII 12 Volt Power Cable for Dash Cams! Replaces Cig Lighter Charger! Installs in seconds!

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Power Fleet-Electronics Dash Cams Using the OBDII Port for a Clean, OEM Look!

The OBDII 12v Power Cable will allow you to power all Fleet-Electronics Dash Cams that use a mini-USB to receive power from the OBDII port rather than using the cigarette lighter charger. This will free up your cigarette lighter charger to be used for other purposes and will eliminate a power cable hanging from the windshield to the cigarette lighter outlet. The installation will look much cleaner and OEM and will ensure that your Fleet-Electronics Dash Cam is on when the key is on. Installation of this OBDII power kit takes seconds!

  • Powers all Fleet-Electronics Dash Cams using OBDII Port
  • Replaces the 12 volt cigarette lighter charging cord for a clean, permanent installation
  • 6 ft Cable
  • Includes 1 year warranty

Buy 2 or more to receive FREE shipping, otherwise, shipping will cost $2.99

Want to use a 12v Hard wire kit instead of Cig Lighter Charger or this OBDII Power Kit:

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